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  • Testimonials

  • I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your time, knowledge, patience and care this term. The Neuromuscular and Sports massage exposure has certainly inspired me to further explore this path in the future.

    Rating: C. Heath, 2014 Massage class at Pensacola State College

  • I personally use Marty for massages for numerous years. He is very well
    trained and is very caring and dedicated to help people! I see him monthly and I always look forward to that day because I know I will feel much better when he's done!! I would highly recommend him to everyone!!!

    Rating: C. Boham

  • I get severe TMJ headaches, When Marty treats the inside of my jaw (using gloves) the pain is greatly diminished or alleviated. Medicine doesn’t seem to help at all. A day without Marty is a day of pain.

    Rating: N. Haller

  • Thank you so much for the many ways you have helped my neck and shoulder pain, which I thought I would always have to live with.

    Rating: C. Harper LMT

  • Marty is in a class by himself. Of all the massage therapist I’ve been to in my life, he’s by far the best. He’s the gold standard I hold all other massage therapist too. Even though we moved out of town, I still make the two hour trek to Pensacola to see him.

    Rating: D. Simonsen

  • The antidote to a grueling sports work out is Marty. He does wonderful deep tissue work.

    Rating: C. Neal, D.C

  • My wife’s neck pain has greatly improved since she has been getting massage from Marty.

    Rating: S. Conundrum

  • If you have any doubts or concerns while looking for a message therapist to suit your needs, please KNOW you have come to the right place!

    Rating: R. Dawson

  • I’ve never had a therapist who suggests certain stretches and exercises for my painful conditions. I’ve been feeling so much better and able to do more physical activity. Thank you Marty.

    Rating: R. Conundrum

  • I’ve had a lot of low back & hip pain. I have been seeing Marty two times a month and my pain has become more manageable and I’m able to carry on with more activities in my life.

    A. Sherrill

  • I went to many therapist for my shoulder pain without any relief. Marty did an assessment for my neck and shoulder and discovered the pain was caused by a cervical disc. I highly recommend Marty as the go to massage therapist.

    G. Vaurigaud

  • I am a very physically active person who does competitive running, kayaking and bicycling. Unfortunately, I have some chronic soft tissue problems which cause pain. Marty has assisted me through these rough patches with excellent deep tissue massage. He keeps me ‘running’.
    Martha Jasperson 2016

    M. Jasperson

  • Marty is a great husband (at least for the past 20 years) and a wonderful massage therapist.

    T. Finkbeiner (Marty’s wife)

  • Marty thank you so much! I was just able to do a short ankle rom/ foot fascia
    session on the Dr I work with and she loved it! I also wanted you to know how
    grateful I am that you do your workshop in 2 days instead of 1, ...
    I am just so happy I took your class it was a great time and a huge tool
    to my career, I have a newfound comprehension on fascia! You and your wife are
    doing something so amazing sharing your experience with others! I look forward
    to taking many more classes with you and her too! Thank you again ,

    Christine Ward, LMT Structural Integration for the Front Line, 2017 Class